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Foreign Internship

The best time to seek paid or unpaid international internships and prepare for an international career is while you are a student, in the summer, or during graduation. You may be considering intern work overseas for many reasons: as an adventure, as a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture and of yourself, as an inexpensive way to improve foreign language proficiency, or as a way to gain professional experience and enhance your resume

Why You Should Intern Abroad?

  • Gain soft skills that will help you to set yourself apart from others, like problem solving, resilience or flexibility.


  • Enhance your professional competency while working in a different, international working environment.


  • Build up your own community of international professionals and locals and create a space for cultural and intellectual exchange.


  • To be an intern abroad will change the way you see this world and will give you a new perspective on your life values.


While searching for a suitable internship abroad you may come across some hurdles and limitations. Especially if you do not have any contacts in the host country or industry of your choice.

We at Institute of Advance Education & Research (IAER) specialise in the placement of customised internships and help you to become an intern abroad.


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